Welcome to our First Jail-n-Bail Fundraiser!

During our Jail-n-Bail fundraiser, you can nominate someone to be arrested; volunteer to be a jail bird; or donate/post bond.  This is a super fun event that brings together community leaders and ordinary citizens for a common cause...animal welfare. 


All proceeds will help us expand our new site - and, remember, ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!


Want to nominate someone to be "arrested" and become a Jail Bird?
1. Get their consent prior to nominating. This is a fun event.
2. Click here to “make a charge” against someone. You will be asked their
name, *charge, phone number and email address.
3. Nomination fee: $10
*Please make the charge/allegation as unrealistic sounding as possible. The last thing we want is for someone to believe they are being arrested for an actual crime. This Jail-n-Bail is meant to be in good fun, so please keep with the spirit of the event and keep the charges in good humor and respectful of the jailbird.


Examples of phony charges:
• Fashion felony for bad wardrobe  • Aging too quickly and not showing it
• Sending too many emails  • Murdering classic rock songs
• Trafficking caffeine  • Operating a pen without a license
• Impersonating a professional  • Impersonating a comedian


Want to volunteer to be a Jail Bird?
1. Please register.
2. Send friends and family to this link to donate towards your bail!
3. Bail is set at $250/Jail Bird.


Donate towards Bail for a Jailbird?
1. Follow this link. You will be asked the Jail Birds name and the amount
you wish to donate.
2. You can pay online or by check.


Can't participate but would like to donate?
If you can't participate, but would like to donate to Shaw Pit Bull Rescue,
follow this link and choose Bond Donations.  We appreciate your support!!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 662.386.7429.

Thank you so much for your support!

We appreciate your time/donation to Shaw PBR!!

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.