What's the Story on Current Adopt-a-Bulls?

Hmmm…. This might be easy; but then again, it might be hard to remember some of their stories, lol.  I’ll try to keep them short and sweet, tho!




Amos is actually the brother to Lexi & Toby. He was surrendered back to us because he doesn’t care for goats or cats.  He’s a great guy, tho - and loves to play with other dogs.



Bella was spotted by a good samaritan; starving and scarred from possibly being run over.  When we went to see about her, she was literally lying in the middle of the road and we thought she was a piece of rubber tire. She is an amazing girl, and is waiting for her forever home in Connecticut with Maggie.




Bones had been hanging around the yard of one of our volunteers; and when she brought him to work that Saturday to wait until CLHS opened; we fell in love with his bone-headed, goofy self.




Booger T was also a stray that had been hanging out at a co-workers home.  He’s a goofy dude, and loves to play.




Cici was actually a transfer from Oktibbeha County Humane Society.  She’s been waiting at Shaw PBR patiently for over three years to find her forever home. She loves to play, but isn’t a big fan of sharing the love with other pets.



These are all from the recent fighting case in Monroe County.  They are in the process of being evaluated, spayed/neutered; and treated for heart worms. They all love people and are learning how to be dogs again.





Evie was found by a good samaritan; and was suffering from a bad case of flea infestation. She is an amazingly beautiful girl, and loves to play.


Gloria was also found by a good samaritan; and was surviving by eating carcasses off the side of the road.  She was so emaciated that she had no muscle tone; her hip bones were protruding outside her skin.  She is currently being treated for heart worms.  She doesn’t care for other animals, but  loves people and chewing bones.




Hope is actually a lab/boxer mix.  She came to us as a transfer of sorts from CLHS.  We are currently working with her on her fear of children and men. She loves to be petted, once she decides you’re ok; and gets along with most other dogs and cats.



These three poor souls were rescued from the Aberdeen City Shelter. Technically, transferred - but we rescued them from a living hell.  We simply could not leave them to endure what they were going through.  They are all amazing dogs - all get along with other dogs and love, love, love people.




Lowla was also a stray - that was surviving off deer carcasses, etc.  We named her Lowla because she is so short, lol.  She is a spunky girl, and can make the goofiest faces, ever.  She loves to play with others, too.



Maggie was also a transfer, from West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.  She has been waiting for a forever home all her own since February of 2013. She had a temporary hiatus with a potential home, but was surrendered back to us due to moving. She is going with Bella to Connecticut in the future.




Mr. Ed was also a stray.  He was brought to us with former adopt-a-bull, Rosie.  He’s a great little guy, can play the hokey pokey like nobody’s business, and loves attention.



Oliver & Xena were being neglected in Meridian.  A good samaritan noticed their condition and did everything in her power to get the ‘owner’ to transfer them over to us.  It was a case of divorce and the wife was ‘getting back’ at the husband by not taking care of his dogs.  They were in pretty bad shape - but you can see their chunky butts aren’t missing any meals these days!  They are both very sweet and love each other; and we are slowly seeing if they get along with other dogs, as well.


Papi is another good samaritan story.  He was found at the end of a dirt road, in the rain.  They had passed him by about 6 hours earlier, and he was still there when they came back through.  He was in pretty bad shape, so they picked him up and brought him to us.  Papi is all lover - he gives the best kisses and is the sweetest ole man.




Sadie was a transfer from CLHS.  She is about 11 years old, and her original owner had to go into a nursing home.  She is currently residing in the house, with our four.  She’s house-trained and knows sit, down, and is still very playful.


Sharpie, another good samaritan saw Sharpie running in traffic on a hot summer day. She picked him up and took him to Animal Medical Center.  He had four burned paws, double eye infections, skin infection, mange, and was heart worm positive. Sharpie is actually a Sharpei/Am Staff mix, but we couldn’t refuse when asked to take him in.



Sheba was used for fighting and breeding the majority of her life.  Her original owner moved, but still had Sheba and a few others in his old yard. Neighbors said they were only fed once or twice a week.  When originally approached, the owner said he didn’t want to get rid of them; but, thankfully, a week later he contacted us and signed her over, saying she was too old to breed or fight any longer.  She is one of the sweetest ole gals here. She loves to play with a rope - even with no teeth - and will drag you all over the yard. She does not, however, like to be around other animals.


Tre was one of our first intakes.  His owner wasn’t able to care for him properly, so he was surrendered to us.  Some of you may remember Ethan - he is Tre’s puppy.  Tre is very calm, loves to play with a rope or tennis ball, and thrives on attention.  He would prefer to be an only dog, tho.


Tyson was transferred to us by another rescuer.  The first several months of his life were spent in a wire crate, indoors, and only fed table scraps for food.  He wasn’t let outside often, and because of the malnutrition and lack of sunlight, his front legs are turned inward (rickets).  He has been to the vet for this condition; and as long as it isn’t hurting or hindering him, he doesn’t need surgery.  You’d never know he was different, tho - he can outrun and out-hug any other pibbles here!

Please come visit and get to know our adopt-a-bulls;

or maybe even adopt one!!

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