Below is a list of pit bull friendly rescues/shelters

SHELTER/RESCUE                                             Phone # (if available)
Small Mercies Animal Rescue 716.348.2743



Don't Bully Me Rescue - Texas

Humane Society of Marion County (Arkansas) 870.416.3428
Peanuts Place Bully Rescue - Colorado  
Gentle Souls Pit Bull Rescue - Arkansas  
Merit Pit Bull Foundation 336.618.PITS
Lovers not Fighters - Portland, OR  
Humane Society of South Mississippi - Gulfport 228.863.3354
Tired Dog Rescue - Gulfport, MS 251.281.8370
Reunion Rescue  
Villalobos Rescue Center 504.948.4505
Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society 662.236.7631
Grassroots Animal Rescue - Starkville, MS 618.477.2231
Greater Huntsville Humane Society 256.881.8081
GRACE Animal Foundation - Odenville, AL 205.629.5462
Bibb County Animal Shelter 251.508.5767
Rhonda's Rescue - Crossroads, AL 256.200.2094
Southbark - Loxley, AL  
AL Angels Dog Rescue - Wedowee, AL 770.712.4521
Janes Animal Rescue - Daleville, AL 334.701.4417
Lovers not Biters - New Orleans, LA 815.301.8985
Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue - Lubbock, TX 806.790.5640
Its the Pits - San Diego, CA 858.220.7546
Save-a-Bull Rescue - Minnesota 612.816.2091
Jasmine's House - Clarksburg, MD  
Pit Bull Rescue - San Diego, CA  
Bad Rap - San Francisco, CA  
Connecticut Pit Bull Rescue - Plainville, CT  
Save the Pit Bulls - IL  
Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue  
Town of Swansea Animal Shelter - MA  
Ethical Bull Breed Rescue/Referral - MD  
APBT Rescue Network - Greenbelt, MD  
Contented Critters Animal Sanctuary - MN  
Missouri Pit Bull Rescue  
JMTK Animal Sanctuary - Comanche, OK  
Adams Co SPCA - Gettysburg, PA  



Nor do we know of any other rescues

or shelters that are taking any in




662.386.SHAW (7429)

Columbus, Mississippi

FEIN: 46-0852468

DUNS: 078737353


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.