We have made it on TV, Radio and Print!!

WTVA's coverage of the McD's 2.0 with Aimee & Kenneth Shaw, Dana McDonald, and Bertha Cisneros.


Leah Gray, Alex Romans, and Gordy the pot-bellied pig represent Porkchop's Phat Farm on WCBI's February 23, 2017 SUNRISE.


Aimee, Kenneth and Kobe talk about the Aberdeen City Shelter dogs that were taken in by Shaw PBR in early March on March 31st SUNRISE.  See the article about the Monroe County dogs in the Tupelo Daily Journal; and a segment on WCBI March 9th.


Allison and Curtis McDonald, and Mr. Ed represented Shaw PBR on WCBI's December 29th, 2016 SUNRISE.


Allison McDonald, Bertha Alicia Mireles, and Bianca represented Shaw PBR very fashionably on WCBI's September 24, 2015 SUNRISE; and Pearl on WCBI's July 28, 2016 SUNRISE.


Dana McDonald, Allison McElhenney and BB did an amazing job on WCBI's June 25, 2015 SUNRISE.


Dana McDonald, Kenneth Shaw and Willow were a big hit on WCBI's March 26 SUNRISE.


Allie & Andrew Benton, and Gemma, did an amazing job representing Shaw PBR on February 26th's edition of WCBI's SUNRISE.


Aimee Shaw's colorful paintings were featured in the February 2015 Invitation Tupelo magazine.


Aimee Shaw, President/Founder of Shaw PBR, voices her opinion on the proposed BSL/Dangerous Dog bill.  Kenneth Shaw  voices his on WCBI's News at 10.


Volunteers Hailey Faulkner, Meagan Faulkner (and Buster); Dana McDonald, Kaitlyn McDonald, Allison McElhenney and Curtis McDonald; and Angie Harrington represented Shaw PBR in the 2014 Christmas Parade in Columbus, and were featured on the front page of The Commercial Dispatch!


Watch Kenneth and Aimee Shaw on WCBI's August 28 SUNRISEOctober 2 SUNRISE, October 30 SUNRISENovember 25 SUNRISE, January 29, 2015 SUNRISEApril 30 SUNRISEMay 28 SUNRISEJuly 30 SUNRISE; August 27 SUNRISEOctober 29 SUNRISE, January 21, 2016 SUNRISE, May 19, 2016 SUNRISE; August 25, 2016 SUNRISE; September 29, 2016 SUNRISE; October 27, 2016 SUNRISE; January 26, 2017 SUNRISE; and March 23, 2017 SUNRISE; and Allison McElhenney and Kaitlyn McDonald on WCBI's December 31 SUNRISE with Shauntay Hinton.


Two of Shaw PBR's biggest supporters, Lori Davis and Tara Lacoste, attended the court case for "Fat Penny" - helping advocate against BSL in Clinton, MS.


Watch board members, Hailey & Meagan Faulkner, and Buster on WCBI's July 31 SUNRISE with Jillian Garrigues.  They did an amazing job representing Shaw PBR!!


Shaw PBR has been featured in both the 2013 and 2014 Magnolia State of Mind magazine - the official magazine for the Mississippi Craft Show in Jackson, MS held each year in late August!


Kenneth & Aimee Shaw, WCBI's May 29 SUNRISE and June 26 SUNRISE with Paulo Salazar.


Kenneth Shaw tells about Book Launch & Art Show coming up May 1st, 2014 on WCBI's April 17 SUNRISE.


Kenneth Shaw chimes in re. Holmes County possibly banning pit bulls on WAPT News.


Shaw PBR is a recipient of the Governor's GIVE Award - see the story, here; view the WCBI video, here; and read the article in The Commercial Dispatch, here.


Shaw PBR supports stronger Animal Cruelty Laws, and is helping 6 dogs taken from a Jackson, MS location.  WJTV's Melanie Christopher has the story.


Watch partners, Lesley Bailey and Kenneth Shaw, on WCBI's January 15 SUNRISEFebruary 27 SUNRISE, and March 27 SUNRISE with Paulo Salazar


Listen to Shaw PBR partner, Lesley Bailey, talk with Rex and Whispering Chuck on the Morning Rush!!


Check us out on WCBI July 11, 2013WCBI May 17, 2013, and WCBI October 20, 2013Issues with Rick Mason; and listen to our audio from Dialogue with Adele Elliott!


Watch our video from May 16, 2013 Exchange Club; and read articles about the Clay County Hoarding case.


Listen to Board Member, Cindy Lynch, tell about ghost stories in Columbus, and PR for Shaw PBR :O)



Nor do we know of any other rescues

or shelters that are taking any in




662.386.SHAW (7429)

Columbus, Mississippi

FEIN: 46-0852468

DUNS: 078737353


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.