How Dogs and Their Owners' Personalities Are Similar

The following are the results of a survey conducted by Carrie Ann Pryor for a statistics class in college. 
The article is reprinted with the permission of the author.



One would wonder why the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Pit Bull Terrier owners were separated by category. Truth is, and amazingly, there were enough differences found to be able to separate the two breed lovers.


Pit Bull Terrier owners - things found most common by a margin of 97%:


The Pit Bull Terrier owner was found in this study surveyed, to be typically a little suspicious, a little aggressive and a little "cold" outwardly. The Pit Bull Terrier owner does not offer trust easily, but when he does it is unconditional, and this breed lover will go to great lengths to protect his friendships. This survey concludes therefore, that the Pit Bull Terrier owner is generally staunchly loyal. This is not to say that this breed lover has no limit to his patience, because once trust is revoked by this breed lover, he or she will go his own way refusing to look back, and often this is followed by a good "bite" to the offending party's throat. In this study surveyed, the Pit Bull Terrier owner almost unanimously stated he very much wants to 'clear the air' if something is troubling him. However, what you see is not always what you get with this breed lover. Outwardly they portray themselves as a contented devil-may-care individual, and they almost seem to snub, but this study discovered that right beneath the surface lay a very soft and compassionate heart - and this by an incredible margin of 99%. The Pit Bull Terrier lover however, is headstrong and will not quickly bend to accommodate others' beliefs, and this mainly because he enjoys a good debate. He is adept at quick wit and utilizes this skill, often leaving others speechless. The Pit Bull Terrier owner is capable of making a hard decision without shadow of a doubt, but only those closest to him or her know how difficult this is to this breed lover. When insulted, this breed owner is easily jollied out of his/her mood, if he trusts you, if he does not, you will not get any further.


INCLUSIVE FACT: The average owner of this breed had many different schooling and/or intelligence levels, and the survey was not able to make an inclusion for the lack of accurate data.


INCLUSIVE FACT: In this study surveyed, 47% have included pets beyond the back yard, and into the home.


INCLUSIVE FACT: A whopping 100% agree that this breed is a difficult one, and not for everyone.


INCLUSIVE FACT: In this study surveyed, 41% have no intentions of abandoning their breed for another, while only 1% have no intentions of owning a dog of another breed in conjunction to the American Pit Bull Terrier.


INCLUSIVE FACT: It is important to mention that although generally calm and congenial, the Pit Bull Terrier owner does have a potential for explosiveness and fierceness that will surface if pushed, by a margin of 58%.


INCLUSIVE FACT: The Pit Bull Terrier owner was generally found to have quick wit, a sharp tongue, and not afraid of 'fighting dirty' if the protection of another called for it, by a margin of 51%.


INCLUSIVE FACT: In this study surveyed, the Pit Bull Terrier owner has been endearing in his hidden soft heart, and by a margin of 69% this breed lover was found to hold paid and unpaid positions in the fields of rescue and protection, including but not limited to: law enforcement, rehabilitation, animal rescue and abuse hotlines. It is this survey's conclusion, therefore, that despite the outward 'cold' demeanor, this breed lover holds great potential for warmth and caring.


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