What's the Story Behind Shaw PBR?




Below is a portion of an article that appeared in "The Real Story" that will explain a little of why we started the rescue.

May 21, 2012 - The day that started it all.


This was the day that 11 pit bulls were seized from a home in Caledonia and put to sleep without a chance of finding a new home. Let me clarify, I am not blaming the Humane Society - it was their policy (at that time) not to adopt out pit bulls. However, it was this event that put the idea in my mind that a local American Pit Bull Terrier rescue was necessary. Little did I know that it was going to come to fruition much sooner than I thought!


We ran our first ad in The Real Story Aug. 15. We received six surrendered pit bulls the following Sunday, Aug. 19. What originally began as “we can only house one pit bull at a time” quickly got blown out of the water! But we can’t turn our back on a pit bull in need. Apparently, there was a great need for a local pit bull rescue operation!


Starting this rescue has been pretty labor-intensive, but it is also richly rewarding on many levels. Finding a new, loving home for a rescued pit bull represents a victory in our life-saving work. Every person we reach with our message of compassion and care for these wonderful dogs will share it with others...and that ripple of compassion will keep growing and growing. That, in itself, is reward enough for what we are trying to do.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever does” (Margaret Mead).

Of course, our general love and appreciation of the breed has fueled our devotion to them over the last 30 years.  We originally bred American Pit Bull Terriers, but when the wrong crowd started showing interest in our dogs, we stopped.  We had no idea about  over-population (which is growing at an astonishing rate, day-by-day for bully breeds).  We assumed most all that bred dogs were educated in that particular breed, bloodline, temperament, genetics, etc.  Boy, were we wrong! 


There are so many reasons I could list as far as why we are advocates for 'pit bulls'; but I'll refrain :O)  I guess the main reason is because there are so many that hate them, even tho they have never met one in person, or want to.  And that just breaks my heart.  All dogs show and feel love; but in my experience, none are like the American Pit Bull Terrier.  They are such characters, goofy clowns, smart asses, and snuggle buddies.  I want everyone to experience the love and companionship they can offer - or at least hear me talk about it constantly, lol!


We lose our minds sometimes; and the indifference and basic ignorance makes us want to rip our hair out of our heads and run screaming for the hills. There have been many times we almost decided to give up.  But then along comes another dog that needs our help; or we see photos or videos of those we have helped over the years in their new, forever homes, living the high life - and that's the fuel we need to keep on going.


One of my favorite rescue poems ends with the words... "We rescue them; and they SAVE us."  It's the God's honest truth.

April 13, 2016



It drains me, fills me
Wears me down and builds me.

It breaks me, makes me
Calms me down and shakes me.


Rocks my core and rolls me
Shoots me down, lets me soar.

It guts me, feeds me
It devastates and needs me.


It grounds me, gives me wings
Takes my breath then makes me sing.

Knocks me down, picks me up
Chills my bones and burns me up.


At once a blessing and a curse
Brings out our best and very worst.

We cannot go on, and then we must
We rescue them... and they save us


Written by Karen Dunkley


Our new address is:


Shaw PBR

368 Old New Hope Road

Columbus, MS 39702

662.386.SHAW (7429)





662.386.SHAW (7429)

Columbus, Mississippi

FEIN: 46-0852468

DUNS: 078737353


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.

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