Shaw PBR's Extensive APBT/Related Library

Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon • Bronwen Dickey

America's Discarded Dog • Dawn Camp M.S  J.D.

The Culture Clash • Jean Donaldson 
Pit Bulls Vintage Photographs of Pit Bulls and People Who Love Them • Anthony M. Julian 
Misunderstood Nanny  •  J Thomas Beasley 
I'm a Good Dog Pit Bulls America's Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pets • Ken Foster 
The American Pit Bull Terrier • Richard F. Stratton 
Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard Dogs • Dr. Carl Semencic 
The Complete Guide to Dog Law • Deidre E. Gannon ESQ.
The American Pit Bull Terrier • Cynthia P. Gallagher 
The Lost Dogs • Jim Gorant 
Dogs of Velvet and Steel Pit Bull Dogs: A Manual For Owners • Bob Stevens 
The Dog Who Spoke With Gods • Diane Jessup 
The Book of The American Pit Bull Terrier • Richard F. Stratton 
Dog Lost • Ingrid Lee 
American Pit Bull Photographs • Marc Joseph 
The World of the American Pit Bull Terrier • Richard F. Stratton 
A Complete History of Fighting Dogs • Mike Homan 
Fighting Dog Breeds • Dr. Dieter Fleig TS 270 & 271
The Complete Gamedog A Guide To Breeding and Raising the American Pit Bull Terrier • Ed and Chris Faron 
The Pit Bull Sting: The Other Side of the Story • Boen Hallum 
The Journal of Pedigrees • Tim Murphy 
American Pit Bull Terriers • Bayed Solid  
Pit Dogs a Profile in Portraits • T.L. Williams 
Courage Profiles of Important Pit Dogs • Richard F. Stratton and T. L. Williams 
History of the Pit Bull Terrier • Wayne D. Brown 
American Pit Bull Terriers • Bits on Pits 
Saving Audie A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance • Dorthy Hinshaw Patent 
Pit Bull Garden Evolution of the Pit Bull Terrier and other Game Dogs • Douglas G. Link 
Dog Bless America Tails From The Road • Jeff Selis 
Pit's Letter • Sue Coe 
The Dog IQ Test • Melissa Miller 
The Dogs Who Found Me What I've Learned From the Dogs Who Were Left Behind • Ken Foster 
American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers • Joe Stahlkuppe 
The Essential Pit Bull • Howell Book House and Ian Dunbar PH.D. MRCVS 
Bandit Dossier of a Dangerous Dog • Vicki Hearne 
Pit Bull • Stephen Geller 
This Is The American Pit Bull Terrier • Richard F. Stratton 
The World of Fighting Dogs • Dr. Carl Semencic 
American Staffordshire Terriers • Anna Katherine Nicholas 
You Can Save The Animals 251 Ways To Stop Thoughtless Animal Cruelty • Ingrid Newkirk 
American Pit Bull Terrier A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for your Dog • F. Favorito 
The Highjacking of the Humane Movement Animal Extremism • Rod and Patti Strand 
The American Pit Bull Terrier • Jacqueline O'Neil 
American Pit Bull Terriers The Truth Behind One of America's Most Popular Breeds • Dawn M. Capp ESQ. 
The Working Pit Bull • Diane Jessup 
The Staffordshire Terriers American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier • Anna Katherine Nicholas 
Fatal Dog Attacks The Stories Behind The Statistics • Karen Delise 
The Guide To Owning a Pit Bull Terrier • JD Pierce 
Guide To Owning A Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Care • JD Pierce 
Colby's Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier • Louis B. Colby 
American Pit Bull Terrier • Amy Shojai 
The Ultimate American Pit Bull Terrier • Jacqueline O'Neil 
Pit Bulls for Dummies • Dr. Caroline Coile PH.D.
Dogtown Tales of Rescue Rehabilitation and Redemption • Stefan Bechtel 
Pit Bull • Gwen Moffat 
How To Train You American Pit Bull Terrier • Liz Palika 
American Pit Bull Terriers • Todd Fenstermacher 
Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed my Mind About Pit Bulls • Barbara Bullington 
American Pit Bull Terrier • Dog Fancy Kennel Club Books 
American Pit Bull Terriers • Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz 
Red Zone The Behind-The-Scenes Story of the San Francisco Dog Mauling • Aphodite Jones 
Bully It's the Pits • Paul 107 
I'm A Good Dog • Ken Foster 
The Dog Pit • R.K. Fox 
Terrier Dogs Etc. • Ed James 
Memories of the Pit Bull Terrier And His Master • L. B. Hanna 
Thirty Years With Fighting Dogs • George C. Armitage 
The Sporting Bull Terrier • Eugene Glass 
Memoirs of the Pit • Jack Meeks 
The Complete Pit Bull or Staffordshire Terrier • Milo G. Denlinger 
The American Pit Bull Terrier • Joseph L. Colby 
Tough Dogs Pit Bulls • Julie Fiedler 
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook • Delbert G. Carlson D.V.M. and James M. Giffin M.D.

Pit Bull Wisdom • Julie Stein
Pit Bull Love•Rose Arslan
The Angel on My Shoulder •Jole Mercadante
Pit Bull Nation•Cindy Marabito
Loyalty Unleashed•Sue Torres
My Name is Big•Lazarus Lake
The Story of Jack: The Pit Bull Who Became a Hero•Pam Saoust
Finding Home: Shelter Dogs & Their Stories•Traer Scott
Pit Bull: For Love of the Breed•Michael Francis
Pit Bull Garden II•Douglas G. Link
Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? • B.G. Boucher, MFS



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or shelters that are taking any in




662.386.SHAW (7429)

Columbus, Mississippi

FEIN: 46-0852468

DUNS: 078737353


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.