Shaw PBR Testimonials

Here's what our volunteers are saying about Shaw PBR

"In my time here at SPBR I've met many new people and personalities. First off there are so many wonderful people - no - a wonderful family. Then there's the dogs, there's every personality in the pups that you could ever want. My favorite is certainly Deeoji. He gives the best of hugs. Every time I go into his kennel I get a big wonderful hug. Then there's Bianca, She's a mellowed pup who loves to get some love. She'll sit there all day and just let you pet her and love on her.


There are so many wonderful pits out here please consider adopting. The atmosphere feels like home and family to all of us, but these dogs would really like to go out and have their own lives."

- Jeannie Mae, 15 yr old Volunteer

"I want to volunteer because I really want to help the dogs, and it's super fun. We are all helping dogs that are actually in danger of losing their life. We all need to stand up and help the dogs so that so many of them won't be homeless.


My favorite dog at Shaw PBR is Mr. Ed. Me and him get along super well and I'm hoping to continue working so that me and Hope can have the same relationship.


I scoop the kennels, I feed and water the dogs, and walk the dogs on leashes, and sometimes if someone is sick I have to clean that up too.


I really love doing what I do. This is very fun for me. I am only 9 years old, and I ask any of you grown-ups to match what I can do. AND always keep Shaw PBR in mind for a new family member."

- Curtis McDonald, 9 year old volunteer

"I love the rescue for many reasons. First, is that I love dogs, especially pit bulls. I love pits because they are so misunderstood. Everyone seems to know someone else's cousin, friend, or neighbor who had a dog, a cat, and a goat killed by a pit bull so they automatically assume that all pits are bad. I know first hand that all of the dogs at Shaw are the best behaved dogs, except Hope. I don't know what happened to Hope, but she is a great example of what the rescue does and will do to help a dog find a home. By helping at the rescue, whether it is picking up toys, cleaning out the Go-Box, or washing dogs, I am able to allow Aimee and Kenneth the hands-on time they need to give the dogs in their care. Second, I feel like I am actually doing something good. Instead of just believing what I hear from others that Shaw has well behaved dogs, I have walked several of the dogs, played with them in the play yard, and have learned how to do an evaluation. I thought that the two pits we have were pretty good, but that's just two dogs. There are close to 25 at SPBR now and Aimee, Kenneth, and Dana have worked very hard with each of them to teach them manners and how to act. With that many dogs, it's not really about them having manners for when they get adopted, but it makes handling the dogs much easier for themselves, too.


I love pits because they love unconditionally. They don't care what you look like or how cool you are. They just want to be loved. Our two pits, Pete and Buddy, showed up out of nowhere. Pete is a little goofy and loves to run and play. Buddy is the strong, silent type. He loves my little sister and is always watching out for her even if it looks like he is ignoring her. We don't know where they came from, what they may or may not have been through, and nobody was looking for them. Many of the Dogs at SPBR are in the same boat as Pete and Buddy. They don't always know where the dogs come from. They rarely know if the dog has ever seen a vet. They can only guess as to why the dog may be shy, or barks or growls at another dog over a toy or food bowl. They work hard at Shaw to help the dogs overcome their fears and to help them learn how to behave so that they can be adopted. I do know some of the dogs stories and it makes me sad that someone would do that to a dog. But then I see that dog run to give me a hug or give me that big goofy pit grin when I put food in their bowl or rub their ears, it makes me feel like I am showing that dog that not all people are bad. Mrs. Dana has taught me that no matter what I am doing while volunteering, I'm doing something to help the dogs. Picking up sticks - I'm protecting their feet. Scrubbing food bowls - keeps them healthy. Playing with the dogs - boosting their confidence and letting them learn to trust people again."

Lauren Floyd, 13 year old volunteer

"The first day my girls and I volunteered at SPBR, I didn't know what to expect and, to be honest, I was a little worried. I know how our two pits are around my kids and "The Nanny Dog" title fits both of them. As Dana assigned each volunteer a dog, she struggled with two dogs on one leash. When it became our turn, I panicked and quickly said that the three of us could only walk one dog "because I've got Bug to watch and walk too". We were given Deeoji, a beautiful, white and sort of brindled male. We were able to be a part of the largest pack walk in SPBR history that day. Every ounce of my anxiety and fear had disappeared by the time we finished walking the dogs. Why? Because the only "problem" we had with the dogs during the entire time was when one slipped out of her collar and Bertha and I had to corner her to get the collar back on. I spent most of the morning scrubbing food and water bowls. Lu was put to work painting the fence in the small play yard, scooped poop, cleaned up in the agility yard, and several other tasks. Little Bug was busy helping Dana and gave medicine to almost every dog at SPBR (with a little bit of help). Before I knew it the time and flown by and it was past time for lunch and nap for little Bug. She and Lu were heartbroken to have to leave and I was too. We were tired, sore, and covered in dirt, but during that entire morning, I never saw what I was doing as "work". I enjoyed every minute of it. I quickly promised that we would be back again. And have done my best to keep that promise. Not only for the Shaw's and Dana, but for each dog there as well. Being a teacher, I have a lot of "kids". Being a volunteer, I have a lot of "dogs" too!"


Allison Floyd, Volunteer/Adopter 
Hailey & Lauren's mom

"We had a pit bull girl named Peque in Mexico, she was 2 months old when she arrived to our home, she was our first pet and we did not know anything about dogs, the first thing that we did next day was to go to the vet, we asked him "what does she eat", "how we can bath her" and the most important question "how we can have a pit bull that does not like fight because her mom was a fight dog in the past" we though that pit bull are fight dogs naturally; the vet only said us "give her a lot of love and she will give you love, if you do not teach to fight, she won't do" "Peque though us for 13 years about fidelity, unconditional love, respect to animals, play with pets, give love to all other animals, patience with us sometimes LOL because she angry if we bother her, loyalty, honesty, etc.


We moved to Mississippi on December 2014, we adopted our Peque in CLHS here in Columbus, with a dog in home I saw some Facebook pages about dogs, one of them was Shaw Pit Bull Rescue, I had curiosity about this page and saw that there was a rescue with Pit Bulls here in Columbus. I was informed about the dogs that were in the rescue, I saw when they needed donations for building a big playground; I sent my donation in honor our Peque and received a friend request about Aimee in my Facebook. I followed the Facebook page where I could see when Victoria and Rosy got to be adopted, I cried for them even I did not met them. Everyday I saw the pictures about the pit bulls, I talked with my daughter about the rescue and she said me if we could go with the pit bulls. We decided go one Thursday because I read that Dana would be there from 8 am to 5 pm in summer. We arrived and we were received for Dana and Kaitlyn her daughter, Dana asked to my daughter Bertha Alicia if she could help to bath Booger T, she answered “yes” I was in awe how Booger licked to Bertha Alicia with his eyes in love, thankful, and patience with her even when Booger never had seen us.


Dana showed us the kennels, the progress in the playground and she remembered me because she said me that I “liked” and “comment” everything in the page, introduced us with the dogs even we were scary with them because they are so huge if I compare them with my Peque.


This day changed our lives in a before and after to meet the Pit Bulls in the Shaw PBR because we feel love in the first sight with these babies. We decided to go every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in this summer because everyday was an adventure, everyday we learned new something, we participated in a first pack dogs where 11 babies could go to walk with the help from volunteers in the history of the rescue, we were part important in the new playground since we donated for buying items until we be part in the building of it.


We saw how are the adoptions, how dogs and families are introduced, what dog is better for every family. We could say goodbye to Carmen, we saw when Yogi left the rescue because he found his forever home, the little Libby went with her family after almost three months in the rescue, We knew the story about Sassy - now Sugar. We were so happy for these doggies but I cried every time that they have left the rescue because even we want they find their forever homes we feel love, sympathy and the most important aspect: we feel these dogs are ours.


Pit Bulls in Shaw PBR despite to be neglected, abused, abandoned, wounded by persons they feel confidence for us the persons. I can see their gratefulness eyes every time that I come to the rescue to wash their food and water bowls and after this we full the bowls with clean water, disinfectant their kennels, play with them, hug and kiss them, gratefulness for the love that we give them when we should be gratefulness for their love to us.


I am a true rescuer today because I needed to rescue one of our babies “Loco” when Aimee, Kenneth and Dana were occupied and received a report about a dog was tied in a flag pole in a fire station, Dana asked me if I could go for this puppy and I said “yes I can go”, sincerely I felt nervous, fear and desperation for arrived soon, but these feelings disappeared when “Loco” licked my face and jumped so happy when he saw me, I brought him to my car and said him in Spanish LOL “sit” or “lay down if you prefer” “who could tied you in that pole if you are so beautiful” “now we are going to a place where you have more sisters and brothers and we will care you and if you are a good boy you can find a forever home” yes you can say that I am crazy but you will say that I am craziest when say you that I saw him in rearview how he paid attention to every word that I pronounced.


Today I can say Shaw Pit Bull Rescue has given more to me instead I give to them, it have given to me new friends, love, knowledge and the more special thing: dogs who I can give a lot of love.


My wish could be to have all the kennels empty forever because it would be that people respect, care and love to animals in special PIT BULLS."

- Bertha Cisneros, Volunteer

"I began volunteering at Shaw PBR this summer after moving to Columbus from South Carolina. After adopting my own pit bull, Maddie, years ago, I grew a soft spot for the breed. Unfortunately, Maddie was diagnosed with bone cancer right before we moved to Columbus and had to be put down a few weeks ago. Through volunteering at SPBR, I can continue to be an advocate for such a special, loyal, gentle breed in memory of Maddie."

- Mary Beth Morgan, Volunteer

"I've had hundreds of pit bull dogs over the course of 30+ years, and the past 3 years, Aimee and I have run a rescue for them. It has been a hard road because of the way people view them. Now, with the rescue, it is even harder. Without the help of some super great friends and volunteers, I don't know if I could keep going. I have seen so much badness and pain through the years that it is hard to go on some days. I have had to look so many in their eyes as they drew their last breath that it hurts every day. I know I have to keep going because the animals would want me to.


On a happy note, having people that are willing to learn about the dogs and what I have learned over the years makes things a lot easier. I know that the knowledge will be passed on. It really makes me happy to see people that want to learn and share the knowledge to keep this great breed going. The rescue has helped me deal with people a little better now. I'm so proud to see the rescue helps more than just animals. I see the good in some people that you normally would not see. It's like one big, happy, dysfunctional family at the rescue, and I love that. It's fun to get together and help the dogs and have a good time all at once. It is a lot of work, but I think it makes us all better humans. It's nice to work with the best people a man could ever work with. Well, I say that now, lol.


The best part of working in rescue is saving a dog that people have given up on. To see them recover and be healthy and happy again - to see them finally running around having the best time... And that look - looking back at me with this happy, goofy look as if saying, "Thanks, Daddy! Now, what did you do with that ball?! Oh, nevermind, I go find it and bring it to you..." THAT - That's what makes it all worth it.


I hope the good we do continues for a long time. Baby steps - but we will change the world. Pit Bulls Forever! I love my dawgs."

- Kenneth Shaw

"If you've been to Shaw's in the last year or so, you've probably seen the gigantic white jumping bean formerly known as Sassy. 

When my daughters and I started volunteering at SPBR this summer, we immediately fell in love with every dog in their care. Who doesn't?! I would tell my husband about every dog we got to "play" with while we worked and often told him about how much "Sassy" reminded me of his crazy, hyperactive puppy that he had when we first started dating. Because of his new job and work schedule, he had to re-home his nine month old puppy, Sugar. That was a little over 10 years ago. I never thought Shane would set foot on the SPBR property because of his love for dogs and the pit bull breed. We both knew his heart would break by not being able to give any of the dogs the forever home they wanted so badly so I never pushed him into volunteering with us. But he did end up stopping by one day and I insisted that he take a look at "Sassy". I wanted him to see her and remember the love he had for his long lost Sugar.


As we walked through the door to the kennel yard, "Sassy" was bouncing up and down in her usual manner but Shane stopped dead in his tracks. He only said one word, Sugar. "Sassy" stopped jumping and looked straight at him. He walked to her kennel door and she leaned against the fence so he could rub and scratch her neck. Aimee, Kenneth, and Dana went above and beyond to work with us, Sugar, and our other pits before we were able to bring her home. Our family is complete now that we have Sugar back. Never in our wildest dreams would we have been able to imagine ever seeing her again much less finding her. I can't thank SPBR for everything they did to care for her and for always having "that gut feeling" whenever a potential adopter looked at her. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the hard work the Shaw Pit Crew puts into everything they do for the dogs. Thank you!!"

- Allison Floyd

"I came to Shaw PBR a little over a year ago looking for a new place to volunteer. There was nothing wrong with the old place and we still support them fully. I only wanted my kids to have more responsibility in the rescue world as they grew up.


Shaw PBR has offered that not only to my children but also to me. I didn't realize at that time just how much I still needed to learn, as well.


We choose pit bulls because of one instance on one night at Dollar General. As we came out of the store, there were two dogs unattended in the back of a truck. Like any kid who has been around dogs, my son got all excited and ran over to pet them. My husband immediately snatched him back and told him not to touch - that those dogs were pit bulls and were not friendly. I called it crap and got all kinds of slobbery kisses for myself and my son while my husband stood looking afraid. Since that night, my husband has accepted every dog at the rescue as one of his own, AND when we got the call for a dog with a broken leg and nowhere to go, my husband drove an hour out of his way after working all day to pick up an Am-Staff to bring home for care.


Thanks to the wonderful people and dogs at Shaw PBR that took a little time with us, my family is now a little more breed specific. We still take dogs of all breeds but the pit bull now holds a special place with all of us.


Thank you so much Aimee and Kenneth for helping me to teach my husband and my children about these wonderful dogs. If I hadn't found you, I may still be fighting a losing battle.


As for our favorite dogs, well Mesha has taken my husband and ran away with him. She would spend the rest of her life in his lap if he had his way.


My oldest loves Bianca with her whole heart. Bianca is calm and patient with her. Their low energies mesh well together.


Tyson will always have a piece of my middle child's heart. They are both wild as wolves when they get together, but I know she wouldn't have it any other way.


My youngest is by far my toughest. It scared me to pieces the first time Carmen slung him across the yard. But she had him the minute his feet left the ground. From that moment on, the world revolved around Carmen and the alligator that was their favorite toy. Carmen has since been adopted, but she will never be forgotten.


As for me? Sheba reminds me so much of my Harley. They have both aged gracefully with hearts full of love. If Sheba could stay with the 6 dogs I have already she would never wish for love again.


However, there is plenty of love in my family to go around to all of the dogs that are at Shaw PBR any day of the week. Rescue is HARD. Seeing dogs in bad shape is never easy, but oh the tears of joy when they find their perfect home is well worth it."

- Dana McDonald, Volunteer and More :O)

"When I go to the Rescue, I am happy. I have another day of hard work ahead, true, but I also get to help the dogs.


Since I have started working at Shaw Pit Bull Rescue, I have helped:

• Build two fences
• Build several kennels
• Fix all of the kennels
• Give the dogs their medicine
• Help with many adoptions
• Work with the dogs
• Finally, I help do the every day chores


Last year, I walked a dog named Nellie in the Christmas Parade, and she is now adopted. When the dogs are adopted, I have conflicting emotions. I am happy that they have found their home, but I am sad that they are leaving and I may never see them again. When we get new dogs, I am happy and ticked off because I like helping the dogs, but when people just give up their dog because they don't want them anymore, or abandon them, it makes me mad. I am even madder at people when we rescue a dog and they are terrified, sick, skinny, starving, dehydrated, and most of them with injuries.


We nurse the dogs back to health and let people come to see if they want to take the dog home, and if the dogs want to go home with them. Many dogs get adopted, and many stay with us, waiting for someone to come and love them like we do. We currently have twenty-three, well loved dogs.


I want to rescue because I want to help sick, injured, and misunderstood dogs find happiness and a home. It isn't fair to them if you mistreat them because of what they might do. That is like people judging people because of what they might do in the future. If you do that, then you will either be too scared to leave your house, or not able to walk outside because of hate directed towards you. That is what these animals go through.


I love rescue, and not because I am paid for doing a good job helping. I don't get paid - none of us do. I love the Rescue because it gives me a purpose. The dogs depend on me, so I also learn responsibility and my obligation as a caregiver. It will also help keep me from wanting to be a wild child. I will be one of the people who helps other people who are crippled, starving, homeless, sick, injured, etc. I won't ever feel the urge to abuse someone or something because I have seen what it does to them. So, the Rescue helps me more than I help it. You can get volunteer hours for school, make it a place to meet your friends to do something that you know won't get you in trouble, or it can just be something you do when you're bored. We're open every Saturday from 8am-12 noon, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am-4pm during the summer. So come and help the dogs!"

- Anonymous Volunteer, 14 years old

I met my husband, Kenneth, in November of 1987. Prior to that, I had never even heard of a Pit Bull. I had always been more of a 'cat person' - even tho my family had dogs when I was growing up. However - the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) quickly stole my heart.


(FYI - when I use pit bull without quotation marks, I mean the original APBT; "pit bull" (with quotations) is in reference to what everyone thinks is one these days)


I had never been around dogs with such character and love for life as Cujo, Gypsy, and countless other pit bulls we have had over the years. And yes, we bred APBT's for several years - the right way (genetics, temperament, etc) - and the last several litters were kept between us and another APBT fancier. We had actually decided to only keep one house dog, but that quickly turned in to two, and then three (and now four, along with a cat and a pot bellied pig).


And then came along Mama Girl (1). In the summer of 2012, as we were heading to the river to enjoy the day with some friends, we came across a starving Mama pit bull, protecting her deceased puppy. Short version - we brought her back to the house, fattened her up, and found her a forever home. So, I thought - we can do this - let's rehabilitate/rescue one to two pit bulls at a time, give them a chance.


HA - I started the paperwork - lots of it! Created a logo, name, etc. and we were on our way. We just didn't know how big of a need there was (is) for a pit bull specific rescue. Our first 'call' was for 6 starving dogs. We weren't prepared. For a few months, we had dogs on chains - until we could raise enough funds to purchase welded wire kennels. (We now have about 30 kennels)


As of the time of this writing - October 9, 2015 - we have helped find forever homes for 140 'pit bulls' through Shaw PBR. We currently have 19 adopt-a-bulls; some having been with us for 3 years. The most we have had at one time in the rescue was 69 - 23 of which were puppies. We are keeping our numbers down so that we can devote the time and energy each dog needs - with too many dogs it isn't possible, or fair. We receive about 5 calls per day to take in dogs - and would most likely have more dogs than Villalobos if we were able to take them all in.


Since we started the rescue, we have seen people at their best - and at their worst. We knew some people just had no clue, but we are STILL taken aback by how clueless some people are. I will never understand how someone can walk by a dog - so apparently in need - every day and never feed it, give it water, give it shelter, etc. Or even worse - keep it locked in a cage, or chained up and not care. I will never understand what goes through a person's mind to think it is okay to dump a dog out to fend for itself... or to throw hot grease on a stray... or to not seek veterinary care when a dog starts losing all of its hair due to some sort of mange.


But our biggest fight - is spay/neuter. How can people continue to breed their animals when they see the huge problem we fight every day? And if they don't see it - as some people are just oblivious - maybe we need to fight for registration/licenses for breeders - and limit to one/two litters per year at the most. And then only if they pass a basic genetics test. It frustrates me to no end the number of people that just want to breed their dog - and they don't care what to - or if it is healthy, or most importantly, of good disposition. You wouldn't believe the number of calls we get because somebody wants to adopt one to breed to their dog.... #1 - it's a rescue - they are all spayed/neutered; #2 - WHY would you want to breed at all, much less to a dog you know nothing about; #3 - it's a RESCUE... and quite a few don't even know what spayed/neutered means.


Our second biggest fight - is amongst fellow rescuers. I say 'our', but I guess I mean rescues in general. Everyone butts heads every now and then - we all do - but the biggest thing to remember in rescue - is that we are all in it for the same reason - the dogs/cats/horses/pigs, etc. Rescues should learn to put aside their differences and work together towards the same goal. Fighting with each other and pointing fingers not only takes away from the rescues involved, but the animals we are all trying to save.


And of course we will always have the 'fight' that we are 'pit bull' specific. We have had potential supporters get excited about helping us or donating until they find out we only help 'pit bulls'. Thankfully, we've only been cussed out once, lol! And I've lost more friends since starting the rescue and devoting my time and energy into it than I can count; but I have gained even more friends with the same passion I have...pit bulls.


That being said - let's get to the good parts of rescue... Just when we think we can't go on any longer, along comes a volunteer, supporter, or dog that makes it all worth it again.


When Dana came along last year to volunteer every Saturday morning, we were thankful. Until then, it had mostly been my husband and myself, and we were almost at a breaking point. One of the first things she said was that she wanted herself and her kids to have more responsibility than just walking a dog. Boy - did they ever get what they wished for?! Dana has been my right hand man (and sometimes left and both feet, too) pretty much since then. Our dogs, as well as myself and my husband, are blessed to have her as part of the rescue.


We have some amazing supporters - and Dana's first Secret Santa sponsorship was such a huge success, that we've done Valentine's, Easter, Fence, and more! We have some repeat supporters and some new ones each time - and are thankful for each and every one of them. Even if you can't volunteer, you can support us by making monthly donations; donating during a monthly sponsorship; donate your time to post about us on social media; organize a food drive; have a bake sale; all sorts of fun things!!


Our volunteers are lifesavers. Kenneth and I both work full time jobs in addition to the rescue. Saturdays and Sundays are the only time we have to work on fencing, cleaning, building, general up-keep, etc. Thanks to our volunteers, the majority is done for us! Dana and her children (and some other volunteers, too) work with the dogs and have even trained many of them to do tricks! Last year, we had four adopt-a-bulls in the Christmas Parade - this year, we hope to have about 10!!


Our adopters - we truly don't know what we would do without you guys. While it is hard for us to see them go, we do know that they will have more one-on-one time and have the happy endings they deserve. It is especially hard when one has been with us for a long time... but again, seeing them lounging on the bed, or hogging the couch makes it all worth it.


The good we see in these people - the volunteers, the supporters, the adopters... We think they are going out of their way to help us - but, what we hear - more often than not - is that they feel they don't do enough to help us. Many volunteers tell us that they think helping out at the rescue helps them more than it helps the dogs. Believe me, we are ecstatic to hear that - but please never belittle what you do to help a rescue - it means so much more to us (and them) than you could ever know.


As I said earlier, sometimes we feel like we can't go on - but then along comes a dog that needs us, or a volunteer/supporter/adopter that helps reaffirm our faith. Just think - that could be you :O)


I will leave you with this saying - that hit me hard and stuck with me...

"Rescue animals are not broken, they have simply experienced more life than other animals. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Do not pity them. Do something. Adopt • Donate • Volunteer • Rescue • and be proud to have them by your side."

- Aimee Shaw

"This sweet man is the best decision I have ever made !! I am divorced and this weekend was my weekend to have the kids . I have moped all weekend and he has been by my side the whole time!! He has shivered and shaked and whined at times, as soon as they walked in the door this afternoon he started jumping and barking and playing!! It really pulls at my heart strings that he loves them so much and how loyal he really is to my family. I got him thinking he would make me feel safe being here by myself with my boys but what he actually has done is make me feel like I am not alone. He is step for step by my side and is always willing and ready to give kisses and snuggles. I have anxiety and struggle with depression and he never fails to sense when I am in a slum and help bring me out of it. Your organization is heaven sent and I wish more people would learn to see pit bulls for what they truly are, one of Gods most precious creatures. Thank you so much for all that you do and God bless!!"

- Adopter


Our new address is:


Shaw PBR

368 Old New Hope Road

Columbus, MS 39702

662.386.SHAW (7429)





662.386.SHAW (7429)

Columbus, Mississippi

FEIN: 46-0852468

DUNS: 078737353


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide abused, abandoned or homeless pit bull dogs with the medical attention they need; as well as the love and attention they deserve to heal - both emotionally, and physically.


We will work to facilitate the rescue and placement of abused or abandoned pit bulls into responsible homes and participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment; spay/neuter; food and shelter.


We are dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through education, adoption, and breed advocacy.

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